JST Meeting – Athens #3

The JST Meeting was held in Athens.
Greetings from Athens! ACCAC Finland – Esteetön taide ja kulttuuri ry Compagnie DK-BEL(ACCAC France) and ΘΕΑΜΑ Θέατρο Ατόμων με Αναπηρία – Theama Theater of Disabled People (ACCAC Greece) are partners in ErasmusKA2 “Contact project”. The first partner organisation meeting has started. The other partner from Finland is Inclusive Art School Vimmart – yhdenvertaisen taiteen oppilaitosVimmartI from France Elan Interculturel and from Greece Artistico Dance School.
This inclusive project focuses on contact and interaction using dance, music and rhythm as a tool for communication and it is targeted to young people from 16 to 29 years and youth workers.
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