Roles of the Performers

Question 7

What are the roles the performers, from participants to performers?

We would like to make it clear that there is no one right answer, or one right way, to work in an inclusive, artistic environment.  Facilitators, dance teachers and youth workers must use their own experience and intuition to decide which path is best for the group of people they have in front of them.  This can change depending on so many factors that it is impossible to be given a rule book.  These activity sheets are a collection of ideas and examples of what has worked in different situations and circumstances in the past to illustrate possible answers to the questions.



Proposed by:

Collective from group discussion

Main points:​

  • The participants are a significant part of the creative process. The way we work is participant led.  The facilitator guides but it is the participants who lead the direction of the piece. If participants feel they are an important part of the process, then they will feel connected to the final product and be proud of it.  They will want their families and friends to come and see it.
  • First, they need to feel safe. Art is to be seen, so there needs to be an ‘audience’ even if it is only one person, or other members of the group.
  • Highlight different bodies, minds, and talents.  The role of the participant is to arrive with an open mind and be happy to share.

Hints/tips for facilitators:

The performer must be guided by the facilitator


The performance must be in keeping with the theme chosen – possibly by the performer.


The facilitator must ensure that the performer’s performance can follow the energies of the audience, be in tune with the audience, or offer a unique journey.


The performer must be comfortable with the cohesion and structure of their performance


The performer must be free to choose, to modify elements of the performance, according to the evolution of the performance


How an activity becomes part of collaborative work and final performance – follow a participant from the first workshop through to the performance.