Method Sheets

Chapter 01

Contact with Space, Time, Proxemics
To the rhythm of words, sounds and emotions (Action-Reaction)
Reacting to each other
Breathing in Circle
Making Space for each other

Chapter 02

Question 1. What is performance?
Question 2. How to create a new enviroment?
Question 3. How to create a concept?
Question 4. How do I take the Process from the First Workshop through to the End Performance?
Question 5. How do I Design a Performance?
Question 6. What are the concrete aspects and organisational know-how?
Question 7. What are the roles the performers?
Question 8. What is my role as a facilitator?
Question 9. The challenges and rewards of Inclusive work

Chapter 03

Visualize the Movement and the Rhythm
Space - Time - Presence
How to progress from the creation of a solo to an inclusive choreographic piece in public space?
Using interactions between dancers to enrich inclusive choreographic writing for public spaces.
Adapting the choreographic space to a public space to allow communication with the audience.
Creating a performance to the public space