How do I Design a Performance?

Question 5

How do I Design a Performance?

We would like to make it clear that there is no one right answer, or one right way, to work in an inclusive, artistic environment.  Facilitators, dance teachers and youth workers must use their own experience and intuition to decide which path is best for the group of people they have in front of them.  This can change depending on so many factors that it is impossible to be given a rule book.  These activity sheets are a collection of ideas and examples of what has worked in different situations and circumstances in the past to illustrate possible answers to the questions.



Proposed by:

Collective from group discussion

Main points:​

  • Build the aesthetic: sound, atmosphere, costumes, sets, use of visuals, lights.
  • When starting the design process, remember the context, what is the goal, where is the performance aimed to happen : big event or school performances?
  • Serve the theme – simple is always best.

Hints/tips for facilitators:

  • It’s best if you can choose the space to fit your needs, but if the space is given then you must adapt to it.
  • Do you have a technical team or not?  Either the technical support serves the choreography and the theme, or the performers serve the technical support.