Creating a performance to the public space

Title of the activity

Creating a performance to the public space.


The length of a performance is determined by a variety of things. The crucial component in the end product, however, is to be able to keep the dancers’ enthusiasm levels up throughout the length and to respect the audience and their time.


Anybody who likes to be on stage.

Activity proposed by

Dimitra Svigkou


A good warm up before the performance starts.


Proposal 1:
Building a new choreography over a duet that already exists

The facilitator watched the video of the existing duet deconstructed the duet’s choreography and created activities to give the participants.

It is better to start the dance activities without the participants knowing the existence of the duet.

After we worked on the activities we presented the duet to the group. to their great surprise they saw the references to the activities they had already done.

Building the performance:
Start with the introduction of the duo exactly as it is and then begin to put in elements that we had worked on in the previous activities.
Working on it we created a totally new performance.


Proposal 2:
We propose an object
We choose some activities depending on what we want to work on. e.g. space, communication, teamwork, dynamics, etc.
We propose an object e.g. a photo,a cloth,a construction /a place e.g. the hall of the building,the garden,the corner of the classroom / a theme e.g. the four elements of nature,spring ,every day movements,wild animals etc…
We ask the participants to work in groups and create a small synthesis of what we have done at the previous activities involving the idea of the proposal.
We collect all the pieces and put them together in an order thinking of the final result.


Evaluation method

We can talk with the participants about whether they were bothered by something or if they would like something done differently, but also about new ideas that may develop during the process, either during the rehearsal or at the end of the process.

Hints/tips for facilitators

Prepare the participants by building effective communication and interaction between them and you. The voyage must be joyful, otherwise it may indicate that we are not prepared to open ourselves to the public.


Anything can become a performance.