Dance School

Artistico Dance School is based in Porto Rafti and was founded in 2006 by Dimitra Svigkou, dance teacher of the Greek National Opera.


The school focuses on teaching ballet, contemporary dance,
improvisation, hip-hop and musical movement education. We welcome
students from the age of three.


It is a school that supports mixed groups and welcomes inclusion. During each academic year, seminars are organized in collaboration with teacher from Greece and abroad. The art school contributes to the promotion of art and culture in the local community.


Some of our works:

  • l ‘’Regenaration’’ video animation (choreographer) Anima Syros, Greece – At Kethea Paremvasi treatment programme for drug users over 21 years old
  • ‘’Entre mer et terre’’ by DK-BEL, Athens Greece – participation with artistico dance school. – an Erasmus Dance performance in between land and sea. DKBel
  • Festival “Anamesa” by DK-BEL, Paris, France & Lisbon, Portugal – Art Festival for disabled and not disabled dancers – participation with students of Artistico dance school.
  • ‘’The beaming project’’ by DK-BEL , Athens-Tinos, Greece. – participation with students of Artistico dance school – An erasmus programme for refugees in Athens and Tinos island
  • Performer, “Drops of Breath”, Athens, Greece – First underwater theatrical performance in the world – An underwater dance-visual performance in an underwater “theatre” performed by dancers with or without disabilities – part of a Creative Europe programme.
  • ‘’The underwater heart of Mediterranenan’’ by Sophie Bulbulyan,Apostolia Papadamaki – Open theater ‘’Sara’’ Markopoulo


Choreographer,producer and director at the performances:

  • ‘’San oneiro’’ June 2006
  • ‘’Cod natura’’ june 2007
  • ‘’Gramma ston pappou’’ june 2009
  • ‘’To sympan mas parakolouthei’’ June 2011
  • ‘’Play again’’ June 2014
  • ‘’10 hronia artistico’’ June 2016
  • ‘’Mpes sta rouha mou’’ June 2019
  • ‘’Silence’’ June 2021
  • I.T.W.D. ‘’In Touch With Dance’’ [Organizer and instructor]:Amorgos, Greece
  • Community dance open call workshop – 2 weeks intensive workshop at Amorgos Island Greece for local kids – Presentation of a performance