One body

Title of the activity

One body


30 – 60 minutes


6 to 12 participants would be ideal.

Activity proposed by

Dimitra Svigkou


To strengthen the group’s connection, to let the members concetrate themselves and thoroughly relax, develop a shared rhythm, and get to know each other better.



Music of your taste could be used.


Not required.


  1. We form a circle in which the participants are physically connected to one another, (each one with the participant who is in the front and at the back of him/her). We encourage the participants to find their own ways to connect.

  1. After establishing contact, they attempt to move forward as one body without breaking contact. We offer them time to try out other ways of connecting.

  1. We all agree on a single login mechanism. This time, we’re going to explore collective movement as a body, not just forward but also in other directions. Back, side, shifting the form from a circle to a line, and anything else the group comes up with.

  2. Pauses are vital during the action. During pauses, participants can either begin a repeated action that affects the whole group or follow someone else’s  .They can also  remain motionless and concentrate on breathing.

Evaluation method

Several various tries will be made before the group reaches the final form of touch and movement. Before each new try, participants should explain their challenges or what they liked so that they may be taken into consideration in the next tries.

Hints/tips for facilitators

It would be beneficial to offer some time for participants to be calm, self-focused, and silent ahead of the activity so that the group action may begin without tensions.


During rehearsals, you might ask participants to avoid verbal communication as much as possible and to attempt to listen to and adapt to the requirements of the group.


This action could also be done with eyes closed.